Inspection at Abu Dhabi

Just few days ago we have passed office audit by GL. This was first time for the last Five years when we did it without any observations. Clear report was issued. It is happened on 28th of March, and on 29th I flew to Emirates, to audit another our fleet vessel there.

While this hot climate I came on board on 31st of March and found some usual things. There are some pictures attached. Fist of all  – mooring ropes on the drums, this subject already discussed with Captains and crew, secondly (ISPS issue) – hawse pipe forward, to be always closed when in port.  And the last one, very important, all fire boxes were tighted up with a rope, so it was not possible to open and use it immediatelly. I really understood why it was like this, but guys from PSC would not.

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Right Ship inspection – 2

Time is running, and it is nearly one year passed since my last post about Right Ship Inspection. In spite of this, I am getting a lot of comments for the post. I do not think that someone take it seriously, but it is always a pitty if someone trying to answer a question which he is really do not understand.

Wetting is a serious matter, but can we avoid it? Yes we can, but it is always matter of safety and nowdays it is matter of the market as well. Some “good” charteres trying to play a dirty games, in case cargo is not ready, or berth occupied etc… Then they are trying to make a problem from nothing. But I have already learned this lesson and trying to avoid this thing. Even they have “found”  something, it is always time to prove that we are doing all in proper way, or to create quick corrective / preventive actions and root causes analyses. I have created a blank form for quick action, and now it is much easier to react.

Anyway since last post, it was only one Right Ship Inspection, which we passed without deficiencies. Good luck all.

p.s On the picture you can find a ferry boat from Vietnam, which cames from former USSR, I think age is more then 35-40 years, but they are still using it.  Just have been there week ago with an audit for one of our vessel.

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Security measures

So… We are getting new building vessels about one per month. I have one very good Captain, especially with a Safety and Security measures. Just week ago have got message from him regarding initial supply for our new baby and what he and his crew did already on that ship. I am not going to place here his full report (20 pages), but there are some of the pictures and advices:

5. The razor wire to be installed around the vessel. The barbs on the wire are designed to have a piercing and gripping action. The Razor wire we have on board is the one of (linked spirals) – the best and most effective.


9. Four big placards (made from plywood) yellow painted with warning about HIGH VOLTAGE in Somali language to be hanging overboard “KHATAR Deyr Danab Koronto Sare (Xooggan)”

10. Two traps with two ropes (150 mtrs each) on each side and three ropes (50 mtrs each) from aft should be fabricated from 2pcs H-beam 120mm x 4mts and wire clips by welding at both sides of forecastle deck and installed aft of ladders leading to main deck on both sides, in order to catch propeller of pirate’s skiffs overboard motors (ropes are towed). Continue reading

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Winter is nearly over?

So… Winter is nearly over, but shipping crisis is still running. I am always monitoring conditions of the shipping market. So far for example BDI index again on position of August – September 2008. Charter rate for capesize vessels has dropped dramatically to nearly the same level of the disaster period,  so now Cape Size is nearly 5K US dollars per day and I do remember when it was 200K per day in early 2008. Therefore job market is also very poor, but in-spite of that I got two propositions for new job already. One I had an interview last week and another one will have on 27th of February. Will keep my fingers crossed. Continue reading

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