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Just came back from Miami, was doing an audit for one of our vessel’s uder TROPIC charterer. It is container carrier with capacity of 1118 teu. For the moment vessel just renewed charter for 12 month (likely).I was flying from … Continue reading

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US EMabassy in Berlin

On Monday 15th of June 2009 I’ve been driving from Hamburg to Berlin. Road took 2 and half hours. I have started on 5 o’clock in the morning and 7:45 I was afront of the Embassy. Another 30 minutes in … Continue reading

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Another audit in Georgetown

Long time was not writing anything!!. But there is really do not have time enough to do so. Juas one day as I came back form the Georgetown (Guyana) – was making another internal ISM/ISPS audit.Generaly vessel was in good … Continue reading

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Another audit coming.

On Tuesday, the 21st of april I should fly to “beautifull” Egypt. Where is word “baksis” Egyptian saying as the first in the life. Should make there an audit for the sister vessel I was described in the previous post.After … Continue reading

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