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Right Ship inspection – 2

Time is running, and it is nearly one year passed since my last post about Right Ship Inspection. In spite of this, I am getting a lot of comments for the post. I do not think that someone take it seriously, but it … Continue reading

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Right ship inspection

Hope everebody knows about Right Ship inspection. This “people” making our job more bureaucratic and “interesting”. On about 18th of March one of our vessel has got 10 deficiencies from AMSA (Australian Port Control). Same date, even same minute those deficiencies … Continue reading

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Again USCG new regulations :)

All you are warned about new regulations from USCG which are very often not to clear understanding and human logic. So now again we have received the following message from our US agent for one of our agent. Due to … Continue reading

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Some Stupid deficiencies from port state control – all over the world.

All seamen well know that sometimes PSC gives very strange and illogical deficiencies. For example one of our vessels got a deficiency from PSC in Genoa (Italy).– Engine control room contains traces of ashAnd they put remark No 17 – … Continue reading

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