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Immersion suits – regulation and reality on board.

All you well know that from summer 2006 new regulation came in force in regards of immersion suits – the quantity should be now exactly the same as crew members on board – plus some additional to be placed in … Continue reading

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Again USCG new regulations :)

All you are warned about new regulations from USCG which are very often not to clear understanding and human logic. So now again we have received the following message from our US agent for one of our agent. Due to … Continue reading

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Change of flag, is it a problem?

So far to reduce some costs was decided to change a flag for some of our vessel s from Gibraltar to Antigua and Barbuda. The reason we do so is that under A&B flag 3rd engineer is not required for … Continue reading

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Low performance of crew.

I am always on the side of the crew, but sometimes such deficiencies like: – During lifeboat drill crew was not able to start lifeboat engine for 30 minutes That kind of deficiencies make me angry, especially when captain and … Continue reading

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