Change of flag, is it a problem?

So far to reduce some costs was decided to change a flag for some of our vessel s from Gibraltar to Antigua and Barbuda. The reason we do so is that under A&B flag 3rd engineer is not required for our type of vessel . I do not know if it will save the company…
So far to change the flag will cost to you a lot of money as well. We do the following:
– Ordered new flag safety inspection
– Ordered class for renewal a flag
– Ordered new pre audit for ISM and ISPS purposes
– All safety equipment sign of old port of registry was removed and new port of register applied.
– Ship’s hull port of registry was repainted.
– All crewmembers applied for the new flag endorsements
– Radio service was ordered from our radio company to change data in SSAS, EPIRB etc.
– New inm-c number for SSAS
That is all.

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