Again USCG new regulations :)

All you are warned about new regulations from USCG which are very often not to clear understanding and human logic. So now again we have received the following message from our US agent for one of our agent. Due to Venezuela is blacklisted for US government we have to do a lot of steps to protect ourselves Smilie: :).

– qte

Due to newly issued regulations from USCG, your vessel will require an
offshore security boarding prior to entry into Houston (All U.S.) Ports.
This is due to Venezuela not maintaining effective anti-terrorism
measures in its ports. In order to facilitate any measures taken by
USCG & possibly forego further berthing delays, please advise any of
the following possible for your stay in Venezuela:

1. Copies of Security Company Contracts
2. Payment receipts while in Venezuela
3. Log book entries
4. Declarations of security
5. Crew Overtime Logs.

When sending this information, please kindly copy
If unable to send by email, please kindly fax to our office as well as
the USCG.

When advising the above, please also advise your ETA to Houston or
applicable U.S. Port. Above is only required if Venezuelan port is
within previous 5 ports of call.

– Unqte
To avoid additional costs for ordering an security team in Venezuela (because charterer refused to pay above) we have raised MARSEC to level 2 and took all precaution in accordance with this level. That is all – USCG happy. That is meant, that if your vessel is planning to call US waters and you had last five port of call which is indicating Venezuela – you are in troubles  and should do exactly what we have done.

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