Immersion suits – regulation and reality on board.

All you well know that from summer 2006 new regulation came in force in regards of immersion suits – the quantity should be now exactly the same as crew members on board – plus some additional to be placed in different positions (flag requirements). So… in our company we have Antigua and Barbuda flag, and as per regulations we should have additionally two stored forward station + full crew (capacity of lifeboats) should = that is meant in total 21 pcs. And this amount is indicated as well in fire plan and in “approved list of safety equipment on board”.
Finally during some internal audit which was performed by myself – was detected that more half of our fleet vessels have more than double (yes, yes double even more) of this quantity. For example where it was necessary to have 21 – vessel had 49 pcs. Incredible, finally for 51 vessels we had 260 immersion suits – which, if to recalculate in euro will be 78000 euro (yes it is ).

Was trying to investigate – why is so big fault exist, but as you can guess – no way to find it Smilie: :)

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