Another audit in Georgetown

Long time was not writing anything!!. But there is really do not have time enough to do so. Juas one day as I came back form the Georgetown (Guyana) – was making another internal ISM/ISPS audit.
Generaly vessel was in good condition. Few observation regarding MUSTER LIST (substitute personal were not indicated there, and another one regarding STCW and IAMSAR publications iwere not up to dated.
One Major non confirmity to our technical superintendent regarding aircodition system. Vessel more then one month working without aircon, and in the Carribean basin is impossible. Crew is always sleepy.
Anyway , the most difficult thing for me was a flight/ More then 30 hours one side (including waiting time in the airport) and same another. Next one I am planning to perform in the USA, as soon as I will get an US visa, hope it will happend on the end of june only.
Category(s): ISM, ISPS

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