Just came back from Miami, was doing an audit for one of our vessel’s uder TROPIC charterer. It is container carrier with capacity of 1118 teu. For the moment vessel just renewed charter for 12 month (likely).
I was flying from Hamburg via Frankfurt and Filadelfia. At Frankfurt Luft Hansa found that plain was overbooked with economy class and I got business for the same money. So finaly when I have arrived to Miami I was not in the same condition as after economy class.
Finaly vessel was in very good condition, but crew training willing to be increased, as some crew members do not know what security level in port now.
Nearly at all vessels I found gas bottles staying on deck, which can cause a lot of remarks from USCG as well as from port state control.
Unfortunately I came in the same moment new captain arrive and old one already fill his self like he is at home. Both captains are very proffesional. Due to economical crysis we have reduced our crew and captain have to stay navigational duty as a third mate, which I can say is not so comfortable. In case somebody will propose same position to me (without 3rd officer) – i will refuse.
Finally I am planning to go on vacation in the end of July for two weeks. But before that time I should make another audit in Denmark, somewhere around 10th of july.
So… Have a good time. And once again… sorrz for my English Smilie: :)
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