I am back

Finally after my two weeks vacation, then one week travelling to the far east (Taiwan), and then solving my family problems – I am back to the normal routine work.
Vacation was nice and sunny (as usually in the summer time).
After that I was flying to Kaohsiung (nice place by the way), as every where in Taiwan – only one big MINUS – only 0.01 percent of population speaks English.
Was auditing two sister ships there for the matter of ISM and ISPS – (internal audit) – both of them looks perfect, as they are only one year old.
Reduced crew makes a lot of defficiencies about ISM and ISPS matters, but helping company to save some money. But anyway after my return – I was discussing this matter with our fleet manager, and we agree to place additional deck and engine officer in the nearest future.
And one picture from the last audit, just …

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