Piracy attack of one our vessel’s

Finaly I am back from “lovely” Bangladesh. Will place some pictures later on.
Just yesterday, got message from one of our vessel’s captain, about piracy attack attempt. Fortunatelly we had armed guys on board, which was fighting with pirates and we avoid kidnapping. Below is a quote from the captain’s message.

the pirate speed boat yellow color speed 18.2 kn with 7 armed pirates on
board change their course, increased speed and approach close to our
ship, attempt to embarked our vessel. the general alarm sounded and
crew activated anti piracy measures according ISPS code.The ship is
covered by 7 Yemeni armed guard team, two of which start fighting
against pirates. After these measures the pirates with hands up left the
board of ship and proceed directions Yemen coast. Immediately the coalition
navy ships and vessels in the vicinity informed by vhf ch 16,
explaining coordinates of pirate boat. Vsl continued in proceed to port
of destination.

So…. This game we won!!!

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