Again Bangladesh – repairs

Long time passed since my last records in this blog. And again I was visiting “lovely” Bangladesh. This time not an audit, but repairs. One of our vessel, during cargo operation alongside was touched by another ferry which was not under control. Causing a big damage of the hull astern.
Unfortunatelly all technical superintendents were out of office for business trip/vacation. Therefore I should go there to fix it. Repairs took five days, and was not that bad as I was expecting. Only one negative thing from the Chitagong shipyard, they are always trying to cheat you.

For example they were charging us for manufacturing such thing like on the picture below 3.500 usd – funny is not it?

And to hire “barge” as on the picture below another 2500 usd.

Finally vessel has sail, after GL inspection of works have been done. And now I am fighting with shipyard, about payments. I believe, I should win.

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