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So…. First of all Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! Smilie: :) (Better late then never).
This year have made only one audit, so far. But it was cold and a lot of snow and ice. It was in Finish village – Kokkola. All as usuall.
Now in the office, and as you all well know that from time to time you have a lot of SPAM in your mail box. Starting from viagra to luxury watches. Also from time to time a lot of crewing agencies sending information about them as advertisement. Today we have received message from Ukrainian Agency SeaCover. See below a qoute:

Dear All,
Warmest Greetings from SEACOVER-Ukraine To You!
2. Having find some candidates for the vacancy we start checking procedure of the selected candidates , such as :

* checking of the availability of all required docs as per STCW 95
* oral English test;
* PC English test “MARLINS” ;
* PC professional test “CES”;
* ORAL professional test;

So… As you can see, they guy or girl who has write this message also making an ORAL test instead of VERBAL Smilie: :)
There are a lot of funny things coming day by day, but this one, today was really funny.

See you!!!

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