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Hope everebody knows about Right Ship inspection. This “people” making our job more bureaucratic and “interesting”. On about 18th of March one of our vessel has got 10 deficiencies from AMSA (Australian Port Control). Same date, even same minute those deficiencies have been rectified. Somehow Right Ship was informed about and asked for detailed report with Root Causes / Corrective / Preventive actions. So…. I am sending my detailed report to them on weekly base, and those “workers” do not accept them, and asking for more and more details and analyses.

Good day Sir,

Thank you for the information, however it is insufficient
for us to close the PSCI and recommend the vessel at this time. We find the root
cause analysis of the deficiencies does actually identify the cause of them,
therefore the preventative measures cannot be considered to be effective enough
to avoid a recurrence.

Please review and send a more detailed analysis
to …

I am trying to prove that I am not a horse right now to Right Ship Smilie: :)
Will keep you informed.

P.S. Captains, try to avoid any deficiencies by PSC Smilie: :)

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    Anonymous says:

    rightship is the most stupid organisation in the maritime world. they are trying to make money by creating a fear psychosis among ship owners & charterers using data from psc inspections. they make a rapid downgrade of vessel rating from 5 stars to 2 or so, so that everybody will panic & buy subscriptions from them. They say that they use a complex algorithm based on 50 factors to determine the rating, but its all bullshit. 3 or 4 minor defs from any psc & they will quickly downgrade the rating so that they can get a reaction from charterers & owners. since many of the ship charters are people without actual sea experience they rely on such dumbass companies for ship's ratings.

    Anonymous says:

    well, wetting may be subjective and "stupid"..but.. I wam working as marine suptd for ship managers of the year in last 2 years, you want beleive what "actions" and maneuvers are taken to send on board as less as possible even when pure safety is compromised., however, as ex master I still feel like a seaman, so PSC and wetting guys go ahead please in the interest of safety as bad ranking is only what the managers fear off..

    • The above guy claims to be a Captain, just wondering how he communicates.
      Just look at the english, how do you command the ship Mr.?
      And now he is a Superintendent for the shipmanagers.
      Dont know what he will anderstand from communicating with his vessels, or what the ship staff will understand from his conversation.
      I pitty the ship staff! as well as the inspectors who board his vessels!

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