Time is running…

Hello everyone, time is running and I am still working with previous company – looking for new challenge. Something strange going on here in Hamburg. I do remember during difficult times of crisis at the end of 2008 I was able to find a job, but now there are much less propositions on the market, even a head hunters surprised. Presently several headhunting agencies looking for a position for me, but no success for the moment. Hope to get something interesting before a new year. The most strange thing that companies even not answering, it would be a good sign at least they to say sorry blaa blaa blaa.

Ok, let’ s back to our ships (shEEps). We are still getting some new buildings, and what is really strange that they all got a good charterer. Our department presently more concentrated on MLC 2006 issue.

Of course, since at the moment the majority of the Flag States did not ratify the convention, and as so, their national legislation for MLC (the DMLC Part I) is not available, there are still a number of questions which will only be answered when Flag States will ratify the MLC, and announce their requirements. In addition, ITF and CBA are at the moment not in line with all ILO MLC requirements.

Latest predications talk about ratification somewhere beginning of 2012, with entry into force one year later, though recent experiences indicate that there might be further delays.

Presently trying to fullfill all the requirement of another headache for shipping companies. Who has any ideas? You are welcome to chat…

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    Andrew Drummond says:

    I am a Maritime head hunter email me andrew.drummond@faststream.com I work within the German market.

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