Merry Christmas and Have a new Job.

So…. Just came back from my business trip from Asia, have inspected two vessels in that area. Impressions…..? Not any, wet warm and tired. Again and again trying to explain to crewmembers “Risk Assessment” procedures, but as usually happened some guys need to be explained twice.
This time my flight irritate me so much, I am not able to sleep when I sit, as I am not a Camel anymore Smilie: :). And second problem was that… I was seating togeather with young family and small son of age less then a year was shouting and crying to my right ear whole 12 hours flight. So it was not a pleasure anymore Smilie: :). Finally I catch lovely Singapore togeather with nice and, as usually comming in time, running nose and fever. And having this health condition had to perform an Audits… wow … it was difficult, I tell you.

And finally… still looking for good employer. Will make a competition…. The headhunters agency or shipping company which will offer best job for me will get as bonus free position for the advertisement for THREE years on pages of this BLOG as well on other 20 websites.

And Merry Christmas….

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