Let’s I tell you about myself.

First of all, let me introduce myself a bit. I am working as nautical superintendent in one German shipping company. Presently we have various types of vessels – in total amount of 51 ships. I am a former captain, Ukrainian nationality, leaving in Hamburg Germany (but with Ukrainian passport).
Also I am going to apologies for my English, as it is my third one, but seamen’s English is completely different and may be more clearly understandable then real English or even American English. Having crewmembers from Philippine, China, Myanmar, Poland, Ukraine, India, Germany and many other nations have been adjusted myself to understand all of them.
So… I’ve been graduated as a navigator in Odessa State marine Academy on 1998 (navigation department). As nautical officer, chief officer and master sailed mostly on container vessels. Last of my vessel was huge container carrier of capacity 8200 TEU.
Since November 2007 – working in Hamburg ashore as nautical superintendent, ISM/ISPS auditor in one shipping company. Then due to financial crisis was fired in the end of November 2008. And I found a new job as nautical superintendent, DPA, CSO in the same city as Hamburg is probably world capital of shipping companies.
When I was sailing – I was always thinking that the guys in the office are not so smart enough to snow (teach) me, the captain, what should be corrected in my vessels routine life. Now I fill myself in the same situation, and can say opposite – we are clever enough and trying to get seamen’s life as easier as possible to get a proper salary.
So here, on my blog page I am going to tell you (from my side of view):
• What is going on the shipping business
• Describe latest rules and regulation coming into the force from SOLAS and others
• Describe my last audits on board of our company fleet.
• And some other thing which is going on in my, nautical superintendent life.
• About seamen’s life ashore and at sea
So… Good luck to me and bon voyage!!!
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