Financial crisis and shipping companies.

From my side of view it is quite difficult time for all ship owners to be afloat on this terrible crisis time. All we are trying to survive and to keep our crewmembers with us, with proper salaries and good cooperation. But this is all as you know depends from market condition. So far, for the moment, the weakest link in the shipping business is container fleet, which was in the summer time of 2008 the strongest one and most attractive. But all we are hoping that that time will pass soon. We as an owners have now 6 vessel staying without a charter – and we have laid up those ships in Hamburg with 4 crewmembers o/b only. I am well understood how difficult to find a job for real seaman now and will pray this time will pass soon.
On the picture you can see some off our vessels laid up in Hamburg… Yes… it is crisis in the shipping companies.
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