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So… We are getting new building vessels about one per month. I have one very good Captain, especially with a Safety and Security measures. Just week ago have got message from him regarding initial supply for our new baby and what he and his crew did already on that ship. I am not going to place here his full report (20 pages), but there are some of the pictures and advices:

5. The razor wire to be installed around the vessel. The barbs on the wire are designed to have a piercing and gripping action. The Razor wire we have on board is the one of (linked spirals) – the best and most effective.


9. Four big placards (made from plywood) yellow painted with warning about HIGH VOLTAGE in Somali language to be hanging overboard “KHATAR Deyr Danab Koronto Sare (Xooggan)”

10. Two traps with two ropes (150 mtrs each) on each side and three ropes (50 mtrs each) from aft should be fabricated from 2pcs H-beam 120mm x 4mts and wire clips by welding at both sides of forecastle deck and installed aft of ladders leading to main deck on both sides, in order to catch propeller of pirate’s skiffs overboard motors (ropes are towed).

The Strategy of our anti-piracy protection:

Vessel has accommodation and bridge forward and Engine Room aft. Vessels main deck, poop deck and aft mooring deck are protected with barbed wire from sea side. Traps with two ropes (150 mtrs each) on each side and three ropes (50 mtrs each) from aft are installed in order to catch propeller of pirate’s skiffs overboard motors (ropes are towed).

In case if pirates will board vessel on main deck it will take time to enter accommodation.

In this case all crew and armed escort will be evacuated to protect Engine Room through the internal passage way (tunnel) on her port side. Three watertight doors on the tunnel will be locked and secured to make a good barrier on the way of pirate to the ER. All outside doors and Emergency escapes to Engine room are locked and secured from inside. It should take a time to enter ER from outside, even with special tools. The control of Main Engine will be switched to local control and Emergency stop buttons on bridge and wings are disabled (to avoid any control of ship’s movement by intruders). Vessel will be running on full speed maintaining general course 270 dgr, with local control of rudder from steering gear room (The idea to get away from pirates mother-ship).

The position of vessel will be controlled by GPS and remote ECDIS from ECR, we will post look outs from funnel. The electric illumination of accommodation will be cut after crew escape to ER. In case of pirates will break the door to Engine room (each entrance has a double-door or steel framed door): – Main Engine will be stopped, leaving Generators running (to provide ventilation to steering gear room).

– The electric illumination of Engine room will be cut off.

– Crew will be evacuated to Steering gear room (Final citadel)

Steering gear room has ventilation, one access – by automatic watertight door from engine room compartment and emergency access from aft mooring deck. Both doors will be locked from inside and masked (on deck with mooring ropes).

The means of communications from citadel – VHF 16, VHF 08 – only on short distance from aft part of the vessel. Password – *********.

So… Finally want to admit, that captain made a real good, job, and I am planning to sent his report to all of our vessels as a circular.

Wish you all a safe and secure passages

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