Right Ship inspection – 2

Time is running, and it is nearly one year passed since my last post about Right Ship Inspection. In spite of this, I am getting a lot of comments for the post. I do not think that someone take it seriously, but it is always a pitty if someone trying to answer a question which he is really do not understand.

Wetting is a serious matter, but can we avoid it? Yes we can, but it is always matter of safety and nowdays it is matter of the market as well. Some “good” charteres trying to play a dirty games, in case cargo is not ready, or berth occupied etc… Then they are trying to make a problem from nothing. But I have already learned this lesson and trying to avoid this thing. Even they have “found”  something, it is always time to prove that we are doing all in proper way, or to create quick corrective / preventive actions and root causes analyses. I have created a blank form for quick action, and now it is much easier to react.

Anyway since last post, it was only one Right Ship Inspection, which we passed without deficiencies. Good luck all.

p.s On the picture you can find a ferry boat from Vietnam, which cames from former USSR, I think age is more then 35-40 years, but they are still using it.  Just have been there week ago with an audit for one of our vessel.

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