Super heavy lift for our Company

So… New Year is passed. And we are getting more and more vessels for the company. Therefore we need more qualified personell to sail under our company Flag and to bring this nice and lovely ladies from point “A” to point “B”. End of last (2011) and beginning of this year we have got a several “Super Heavy Lift” vessels with Superstructure forward and cranes characteristics: – 2 x NMF 400t at 18,0 m outreach | 200t at 30,0 m outreach  1 x NMF 80 t at 18,0 m outreach | 50 t at 28,0 m outreach. Which means that people who will serve on board of this vessels to be more qualified to carry some special cargo, therefore crewing company which is working for us has arranged some special courses at Mariupol / Ukraine which will train some personal for us. There is a picture of this one of our lady.


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Merry Christmas and Have a new Job.

So…. Just came back from my business trip from Asia, have inspected two vessels in that area. Impressions…..? Not any, wet warm and tired. Again and again trying to explain to crewmembers “Risk Assessment” procedures, but as usually happened some guys need to be explained twice.
This time my flight irritate me so much, I am not able to sleep when I sit, as I am not a Camel anymore Smilie: :). And second problem was that… I was seating togeather with young family and small son of age less then a year was shouting and crying to my right ear whole 12 hours flight. So it was not a pleasure anymore Smilie: :). Finally I catch lovely Singapore togeather with nice and, as usually comming in time, running nose and fever. And having this health condition had to perform an Audits… wow … it was difficult, I tell you.

And finally… still looking for good employer. Will make a competition…. The headhunters agency or shipping company which will offer best job for me will get as bonus free position for the advertisement for THREE years on pages of this BLOG as well on other 20 websites.

And Merry Christmas….

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Time is running…

Hello everyone, time is running and I am still working with previous company – looking for new challenge. Something strange going on here in Hamburg. I do remember during difficult times of crisis at the end of 2008 I was able to find a job, but now there are much less propositions on the market, even a head hunters surprised. Presently several headhunting agencies looking for a position for me, but no success for the moment. Hope to get something interesting before a new year. The most strange thing that companies even not answering, it would be a good sign at least they to say sorry blaa blaa blaa.

Ok, let’ s back to our ships (shEEps). We are still getting some new buildings, and what is really strange that they all got a good charterer. Our department presently more concentrated on MLC 2006 issue.

Of course, since at the moment the majority of the Flag States did not ratify the convention, and as so, their national legislation for MLC (the DMLC Part I) is not available, there are still a number of questions which will only be answered when Flag States will ratify the MLC, and announce their requirements. In addition, ITF and CBA are at the moment not in line with all ILO MLC requirements.

Latest predications talk about ratification somewhere beginning of 2012, with entry into force one year later, though recent experiences indicate that there might be further delays.

Presently trying to fullfill all the requirement of another headache for shipping companies. Who has any ideas? You are welcome to chat…

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Looking for a job?

Presently my company where I am still working want to move my department to head office in the small town at Dutch border in Germany. I am living and working at Hamburg, and actually do not like to move to lovely town. Working in position of DPA/CSO, nautical superintendent and ism/isps auditor in Hamburg for 4 years for the moment. Have been sailing as a captain before. Spent my life at sea from 1997 till 2007, then was working ashore in above rank position.
Yesterday have been surfing whole day, filling in a lot of application forms and sending online CVs to several head hunters. Will count from today how long it will takes to get a new job in Hamburg shipping companies at ISM/ISPS department. Likely I am still working and our management staff do not know that I am planning to leave. So wish me luck Smilie: :)


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