Right ship inspection

Hope everebody knows about Right Ship inspection. This “people” making our job more bureaucratic and “interesting”. On about 18th of March one of our vessel has got 10 deficiencies from AMSA (Australian Port Control). Same date, even same minute those deficiencies have been rectified. Somehow Right Ship was informed about and asked for detailed report with Root Causes / Corrective / Preventive actions. So…. I am sending my detailed report to them on weekly base, and those “workers” do not accept them, and asking for more and more details and analyses.

Good day Sir,

Thank you for the information, however it is insufficient
for us to close the PSCI and recommend the vessel at this time. We find the root
cause analysis of the deficiencies does actually identify the cause of them,
therefore the preventative measures cannot be considered to be effective enough
to avoid a recurrence.

Please review and send a more detailed analysis
to …

I am trying to prove that I am not a horse right now to Right Ship Smilie: :)
Will keep you informed.

P.S. Captains, try to avoid any deficiencies by PSC Smilie: :)

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I am in…

First of september I had a new life in my family. My new born son now breaking all my free time. His name is Vadym. Now I am siting in LH lounge of Hamburg airport and going to have my flight to audit one of our vessel BBC Montane in Chilean port Valparaiso.

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Again…. pirates attack

One of our vessel have been attacked by pirates on 19th of March 2010. This time we won again, as we had armed team on board, which prevent a hijacking. Below a picture of pirate’s boat as well as message from the captain.

10.05 lt(utc+3)/19.03.10
Attempt of attack in pstn 12 32.1N 043 27.3 E Boat wth speed abt 15 knt approached vsl fm somali coast .When approached 0.2 nm armed team (Yemen navy) open preventive fire.Pirets retreated after short time.

Brgds master

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Funny English

So…. First of all Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! Smilie: :) (Better late then never).
This year have made only one audit, so far. But it was cold and a lot of snow and ice. It was in Finish village – Kokkola. All as usuall.
Now in the office, and as you all well know that from time to time you have a lot of SPAM in your mail box. Starting from viagra to luxury watches. Also from time to time a lot of crewing agencies sending information about them as advertisement. Today we have received message from Ukrainian Agency SeaCover. See below a qoute:

Dear All,
Warmest Greetings from SEACOVER-Ukraine To You!
2. Having find some candidates for the vacancy we start checking procedure of the selected candidates , such as :

* checking of the availability of all required docs as per STCW 95
* oral English test;
* PC English test “MARLINS” ;
* PC professional test “CES”;
* ORAL professional test;

So… As you can see, they guy or girl who has write this message also making an ORAL test instead of VERBAL Smilie: :)
There are a lot of funny things coming day by day, but this one, today was really funny.

See you!!!

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